Sales & Use Tax Bulletins  
  Name Description
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2013-01.pdf Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2013-01 -- Stratified Random Sampling in Audits, Managed Audits, and Audit Appeals
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2012-01.pdf Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2012-01 -- Sales/use Tax Issues for Mining Site Preparation
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2011-01.pdf Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2011-01 - Remote Seller Nexus
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2010-01.pdf Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2010-01 - Electric Manufacturing Exemption
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2006-01.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2006-01 -- PA Tax Treatment of IRC Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2005-04.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2005-04 -- Electronically Delivered canned Software
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2005-03.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2005-03 -- Telecommunications Services
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2005-02.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2005-02 -- Taxation of Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP Services
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2004-02.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2004-02 -- Sales Tax Audit Examinations
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2004-01.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2004-01 -- Information Bulletin to Public Schools on Sales, Use and Hotel Occumpancy Tax
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2003-01.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2003-01 (Revised) -- Information Bulletin to Prebuilt Housing Builders
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2001-01.pdf Sales Tax Bulletin 2001-01 -- Information Bulletin To PA Boat Dealers