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PDF Documents Motor_Fuel_Transporters_Permits.pdf Permitted List of PA Fuel Transporters
PDF Documents 2013_rct-132b-i.pdf 2013 General Information and Instructions for RCT-132B (RCT-132B-I)
PDF Documents SUT-04-015.pdf Dedication of Water Mains and Sanitary Sewer Lines to Municipal Authorities
PDF Documents mft_class1-5.pdf Listing of Distributor Listing of Liquid Fuels and Fuels (MFT Class 1-5)
Non Indexed Files mft_class1-5.csv  
Non Indexed Files mft_class1-7.CSV Listing of Distributors of Liquid Fuels and Fuels (MFT Class 1-7)
PDF Documents rev-1014.pdf Distributor's Monthly Report - Malt Beverage Purchased, Sold and Withdrawn Inventories
PDF Documents PA_liens_summary.pdf Online Pennsylvania Tax Lien Statistics - State Tax Liens and Total Lien Amounts by County
PDF Documents pa-40esr_fc.pdf Declaration of Estimated Tax or Estimated Wtihholding Tax For Fiduciaries & Partnerships (PA-40 ESR F/C)
PDF Documents 2014_03_mrr.pdf Monthly Revenue Report - March 2014